Tracking sleep #Fitbit

I cannot bring myself to wear a Fitbit while sleeping. It doesn’t seem natural. Perhaps it’s just me or is it the case that a majority of Fitbit owners don’t track sleep?

I am curious to see if this can be solved w/o the need to develop a different tech solution. But first, is this a problem that’s worth solving for Fitbit? Let’s say they solve it and by the flip of a switch a deluge of sleep data gets collected. What’s in it for Fitbit? I think they have already done their job, really well I must add.

What’s the end game for quantified self companies? Will we see data monetization strategies being deployed soon? Imagine a world where marketing will be tailored based on your place in the health curve. Maybe the mattress you sleep on sucks and Sleep Number might send something relevant your way. Is that a legitimate channel to reach consumers?

If tracking sleep is tough I can only imagine the difficulty with tracking food. We definitely need a tech based solution for that. Eating the right stuff has a huge impact on your health and unfortunately we don’t yet have a great way to force that behavior is my opinion.




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