where is software not eating the world?

software is eating the world. it uses the smartphone and the internet as knife and fork to do so. looking to learn a foreing language? hello duolingo. want to learn coding? start on codecademy. wish to take an econ class? sign up at coursera. looking to dine at a snazzy restaurant? reserve using opentable. looking to meet that special someone? get on tinder. hungry & busy/lazy? order on grubhub. dream of a wardrobe that has infinite selection? stitchfix will take care of that. one can keep going on.

software is literally everywhere, right? wrong. one sector that software is yet to devour is affordable housing. how can we leverage software to provide reliable affordable housing? this is a huge market globally and ripe for disruption by software. many families spend close to 30% of their annual income on housing.

are there other sectors where software is not eating the world but could/should?


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