a chart a day, to go from zero to one


I love PoVs or insights captured in 2×2 matrices. The contrarian czar theorizes: if we continue down the path of making replicas of developed world innovations in every country, work will eventually flow to cheap labor pools and consumption will become terribly competitive.

Thiel rather contends that software (more broadly tech) won’t literally eat the world but will mostly be complimentary to human labor. The bonus is that computers don’t have wants/needs (they do need electricity) and are not competing with humans for resources.

Watch this space over the next week as we touch upon 7 themes from the book. I hope to continue this chart series as I have come to realize the power of such communication.

A great way to think about the role of tech is to think of software as a balancing mechanism, ex Palantir, the theoretical golden mean of the CIA and the NSA.


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