Blogging from a tablet

Never been much of a Star Trek fan. But that could change soon. I have Netflix to thank for that. All the versions of the series are on Netflix. Of late I have come across a lot of entrepreneurs/companies/organizations that are on a mission to covert the sci-fi portrayed in the series to reality.

Yes, right from the medical tricorder to the universal translator to the laser weaponry and perhaps in the future ‘beaming up’ too. So my suggestion to those looking for the next big thing in tech is to tune in to the activities of USS Enterprise.

How would you feel if you were able to make drones run small errands for you? Imagine you went to visit a friend in another state and forgot something important at his place. Do you get him to FedEx it or what? What if he could use a drone net and send it to you cheaply.

Although the development is still in an infant stage, when live, an Internet of drones if scaled up could disrupt our lives. All you would need is a drone pad at your home which will be issued a unique ID and of course the Internet. Using an app on your smartphone you could key in the ID of your friend and ship small stuff within a geographic radius. You might even be able to track it real time with GPS!

Wow I can’t wait to see all this unfold! By the way blogging from the fourth gen iPad is pretty cool.


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