What is the opposite of Fragile?

I am sure a lot of you would go with robust/strong etc. In fact, when you think about the true meaning of the word fragile you might take those antonyms back.

Fragility is a property that deteriorates an object. It means something that can be easily broken. But, is not already broken. And even if, not necessarily with one attempt.

The word Robust/Strong is in essence the meta-state between fragile and the opposite of fragile. And I say this because being robust is the property of an object to be unharmed or unchanged by force.

So what then is the ideology of the opposite of fragile? It has to be a word that captures the ability of an object to get stronger with every punch thrown at it. A property to love disorder.

According to Nassim Taleb there is no such word. He therefore coined Antifragile.

Two examples which are stuck in my head are from Greek myth and the world of Finance. In order of Fragile, Robust, Antifragile; 1) Sword of Damocles, Phoenix, Hydra 2) Debt, Equity, Venture Capital.

What do you think? If this has piqued your brain check out Taleb’s latest book with this ‘new word’ as its title.


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